Standard Filters

By default, all job boards have three filters that help candidates drill down into the jobs:

You can choose to remove two of these if they aren't helpful to your audience:

<aside> 📌 The Company filter cannot be removed from your job board


Custom Filters

You can also create up to 3 custom filters to help your audience filter through your job board. Here is an example of a job board with a custom filter called Sector:

There will be columns in the List of Companies sheet where you can add your filter titles and tag each company with the values of that filter.

<aside> 📌 You will be able to manage the filter tags from your Getro admin portal once setup is complete.


<aside> ☝ You can establish a custom filter after setup process. Just contact us at [email protected].


How to create custom filters during setup

Custom filters are created along with your companies, so we get that information from you when you send us your companies list.

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