Advanced Design is an add-on service to your job board that allows us to match the branding, header, and footer of your job board to your website. You can read more about what is included here.

<aside> ☝ In order to provide you with a design that matches your branding, we will ask you for a live website from which to model your header and footer navigation elements.


<aside> 🚨 If you're planning a re-brand soon, please speak with your Customer Success Manager about when the right time might be to implement your Advanced Design.


There are several elements that you can further configure to your liking with Advanced Design, such as:


A favicon can help your visitors keep track of your site even when they have way too many browser tabs open! 😉

Title and Subtitle

A Title line can be used as an attention-grabbing call to action for visitors to your board, and a Subtitle line can help clarify the message.

<aside> ☝ You can elect to skip either the Title, the Subtitle or both.


Cover Image

The cover image is the background to the section of the page where your Title, Subtitle, Company logo and optionally the number of companies and jobs.

The cover image can be a photo (recommended dimensions 1400x450):

Or just a color: